Für Unternehmen, Organisationen, Einrichtungen

For companies, organizations, institutions

  • Development or certification of quality management in the area of training and/or consulting
  • Training and coaching offers for executives or teams
  • Consulting in the area of potential analysis, lifelong learning, personnel development or organizational development
  • Consulting and support in setting up programs to promote the talents of children and young people in particular
  • Certification of consultants
Für Einzelpersonen

For individuals

  • Adults who want to get to know and use their talent and personality potential, for instance in the sense of professional or academic further education or lifelong learning.
  • Professionals who are looking for support in professional challenges or for reorientation and want to receive coaching.
  • Doctoral students who would like accompanying coaching during their doctorate.
  • (Part-time) students who want coaching during their studies.
  • Adults who would like to take advantage of training offers: Qualification as a coach or consultant (IBE).
Für Eltern, Kinder und Jugendliche

For parents, children and adolescents

  • Parents who want to clarify their child's gifted potential, for example, in order to make school career decisions and decisions about additional support interventions (diagnostics).
  • Parents who are looking for professional support in promoting their child's giftedness.
  • Adolescents and young adults who need advice and support in choosing a school, career or study program (educational coaching and aptitude diagnostics).
  • Psychological counseling and support.

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